Dissolved Nitrate δ15N and δ18O Analysis

Sample Material: Freshwater or seawater

Sample collection and storage: Approximately 30 ml of sample water is filtered through a pre-combusted (450°C) GFF filter and then placed in an acid-cleaned 50 ml Nalgene bottle leaving a small amount of headspace. The sample should be frozen as soon as possible after filtration.

Sample volume: Depends on the nitrate concentration. Note, we cannot analyze samples with <1 µmol/l. nitrate.

Precision: ±0.2 permil for δ15N and ±0.4 permil for δ18O

The isotopic composition of dissolved nitrate is analyzed using the denitrifier method of Sigman et al. (2001) and Casciotte et al. (2002). In brief, the sample is added via syringe to a He purged vial containing a solution of denitrifying bacteria (Pseudomonas aureofaciens, ATCC #13985).The bacteria are allowed to react with the sample at room temperature overnight during which time the NO3 is converted to N2O. The resulting N2O is analyzed by continuous-flow mass spectrometry using the PreCon-GasBench-Delta V system.



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