MAT252 System

Kiel IIIMAT252

The MAT252 (above left) is used exclusively with the Kiel III (above right) for the high-precision δ18O and δ13C analysis of pure calcium carbonate (e.g., forminifera, otoliths, speleothems, shells).

Delta Plus - Dual Inlet System

This system is primarily used with the water equilibration device to analyze δ18O of water samples at high precision. When connected with the GC it is also used for compound-specific δD analysis (e.g., δD of alkenones). Clockwise (from top left): DeltaPlus with Dual Inlet, GC-H, Water equilibration, TCEA (for liquids).

Delta Plus System

The DeltaPlus system is primarily used for the isotopic analysis of organic materials. When connected to the EA the system measures δ13C and δ15N in organic solids. When connected to the TCEA the δD of organic solids can be measured. Compound specific δ13C analysis is carried out with the GC-C. Clockwise (from top left): DeltaPlusXL, GC-C, TCEA (for solids), and Carlo Erba NA1500.

DeltaV - Gas Bench System

The DeltaV – GasBench system is used to analyze the δ13C of CO2 gas derived from a variety of sample types (e.g., air, DIC, carbonates), as well as trace quantities of CO2, and CH4 when the PreCon is utilized. The δ15N and δ18O of dissolved nitrate (converted to N2O using the bacterial method) can also be measured using the PreCon.

Other Useful Things

Clockwise (from upper left): Micromill, Wigglebug, and Ultra-microbalance.